Manufacturing, installation and training

Design and Manufacture of Photography Turntables for 360º/3D views

The patented iStner system is the perfect tool to get that your products be seen in 360º and 3D views. A complete range of photography turntables and 3D accesories, allows you to increase with your online business.

Compatible with Prestashop 360º View Module and Magento 360º View

Compatible with all DSLR cameras (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Hasselblad...)


iStner Technology

It is a reality. Being well positioned is synonymous with success to increase online sales.                 Official and multi-brand dealers already trust our system. iStnerCar360º Robotic rotating platforms                 are the perfect solution.                 

Our system is the fastest, most robust and simplest in the market.                 iStnerCar360º is designed to turn any corner into a professional 360º photography studio for vehicles.                 

  • FAST: Take up to 10 vehicles per hour.                     

  • SIMPLE: Fully automatic system.                     

  • ROBUST: Uploads up to 5000Kg.                     

  • RELIABLE: Equipment with up to 5 years warranty                     

  • PROFESSIONAL: Latest generation lighting                 

Manufacture and installation of robotic equipment for vehicle photography in 360º
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iStnerCar360º View

360º interior photography with 360º camera, quick supports to remove and put in an agile way          the camera inside, including remote control tablet and easy synchronization editing software and fast image taking,          for not wasting a second.         

  • FAST: Remove and put in less than 10s.             

  • SIMPLE: Easy to use and program.             

  • RELIABLE: with iStner product warranty.             

  • PROFESSIONAL: All in one pack.         

360º interior photography system for vehicles
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iStnerCar360º Look

Lighting complement that is composed of a supporting structure in aluminum alloy,          a group of luminaires of 2000 watts 190 KLumen diffuser of 6 meters x 6 meters with frame          electrical protection and control.         

This accessory is the solution to problems of lack of light, focal points, unwanted brightness          and inconveniences that arise when making vehicle photographs.

iStner Technology
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iStner Technology

Your own 360º and 3D product photography studio

         As we are manufacturers and installers we will advise you on the best option for your business.          In addition, once you have chosen the right product, we will train you to use it professionally and efficiently.                  

         Contact us and we will answer any questions you may have about our products and services.          Contact us

360º and 3D product photography

Product photography is currently an important commercial point for all those professional photographers and end customers with eCommerce platforms. It is used to present a certain product and depending on the quality of this photograph will depend on the degree of adaptation and the desire to acquire the product. Hence the importance for us of these photographs and our commitment to improve our systems so that everything is easier, faster and professional.

We want your time to be productive and for this we have several systems adapted in their characteristics to different types of products, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • Óptima 360 Óptima 360
    • Plataforma giratoria robotizada para 18kg
    • Maleta de control y transporte
    • Fondo blanco portátil de 40cm
    • Cables de conexión
    • Software de edición 360º/3D
    • Pantalla táctil HMI 3,5"




  • Láser 125 Láser 125
    • Plataforma giratoria robotizada para 125kg
    • Maleta de control y transporte
    • Fondo blanco porátil de 60cm
    • Cables de conexión
    • Software de edición 360º/3D
    • Pantalla táctil HMI 3,5"